16 Best Anime Magic Recommendations

By | 10/12/2017

16 Best Anime Magic Recommendations

Special for animelovers friends who are looking for recommendations here, there is important info you must see about the recommendation of anime magic. Know magic right? If you do not know well can not be stray here, right? But for you who do not know, Wikitrik will tell you.

Magic is one genre in anime that means magic. Of course inside it tells about magic, magician or supernatural powers that are similar to magic, that’s the genre of magic.

Anime with the magic genre has its own Pulling power, generally because the supernatural inside is cool. Actually a lot of anime with the genre of magic. But for this article version, have been filtered and selected anime with a powerful magic genre. Without further ado, here is the recommendation of the best genre magic anime version of Wikitrik.


16 Best Anime Magic Recommendations

Glenn Radars, a man who works as a substitute teacher at a magic academy. At the beginning of his appearance, he was considered a failing teacher, always lazy, and just had his students to study on their own. He is not too great in magic either. Against his disciple named Sistine, he instantly lost without a fight.

Such is the picture at the beginning of this anime. After you watch further, this Glenn-sensei figure begins to appear as a great knight and cares deeply about his students. This anime is one of the best Spring 2017 anime with genre Magic, School and Little Romance very interesting.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsOne interesting thing besides its powerful magic genre is its ‘Yang Moe’ character. Here you will find an intense battle between a pretty witch and an average loli and moe.

Focus on Madoka and her friends against Witches. All have their own magical abilities and fight each other with their own life stakes. When they become Puella Magic, they have a contract with one mysterious animal who can grant their wishes.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsIf talking about magic and not offensive this anime, it seems this list will not be complete. Fate Series is known as one of the best genre magic action anime ever. More points from this anime is to have graphics that are very riveting.

Focus on the Holy Grail War which involves 7 magicians as master and 7 Servant, the spirit of the hero who serves his master. 7 These Servants fought each other over the Holy Grail who could grant any such request.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsThe best anime magic harem recommendation in this list is Zero no Tsukaima. The anime has 4 seasons and the 4 has a high rating. The world is fantasy with witch characters in it.

Louise, a young girl who is not talented in magic and can only blow up anything in front of her. One day, in the test of Tsukaima’s invitation (Pet) Louise did not know anything suddenly called Saito, an ordinary man from Japan later made Tsukaima by Louise.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsIf this one is very thick with magic. This Magical Anime has several seasons and series where everything has an 8+ rating, so it will not disappoint. The recommendation is also for you who love the story 1001 night because the depiction of characters in the anime is mostly quoted from there, but with a different story.

Focus on the adventures of 3 children, Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana. All three meet together in an incident then get to know each other and be friends. Aladdin is Magi, the one who has the right to choose the King. The King’s candidate chosen by Aladdin is Alibaba.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsThis anime also has several series and recommended really for you who are looking for anime action, because the action in this anime is really cool. Not only that, the story of all Toaru series and season has an interesting story.

The world where the supernatural power exists and the person who can use it is called the Esper. Focus on Touma Kamijou, a teenager who has the Imagine Breaker ability where he can neutralize all kinds of supernatural.

He later met Index, a young girl from Necessarius with a memory of 103,000 magic books. In the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun series, the story focuses on Mikoto Misaka, Esper level 5 with the power of electrical elements.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsThis one is really modern, set in place and time in the future where technology is more advanced. The magic in the anime is greatly influenced by technology, meaning it requires a technology to create magic. So do not miss this one anime. The more points of this anime is to have the main character of the strong oath. This anime is also the best genre magic romance anime you should watch.

In the world with advanced technology, magic is not a legend but a real technology where those who are capable of using it. Shiba Tatsuya, a grade 1 student enters via line 2 at the School of Famous Witches. Unlike his sister Shiba Miyuki who entered through line 1 and became the best grade 1 students. But in fact, Miyuki admitted her brother is the strongest.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsWhen talking about the quality of the story, this anime is the top recommendation for the best drama magic with super serious story. You will rarely find comedy in this anime. But instead of bored, guaranteed you will be addicted and want to continue, so good story.

The world where it is dominated by the early trees and Zetsuen. Those who are called early witches keep the tree beginning, but the facts behind it make them have to stop the tree of the beginning.

Beginning with the death incident a young girl named Fuwa Aika made Fuwa Mahiro and Yoshino Takigawa a determinant of the fate of the earth. Fate leads them to meet the strongest magician who is exiled to an island, he is the daughter of a tree named Hakaze Kusaribe beginnings.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsWell if this is full of comedy and will make you laugh in every episode. This anime is not an anime action, so there will be no contests in it. More to the comedy drama well. More points than this anime is having a really good ending.

An amusement park on the verge of demolition will be over if they are not getting the required visitors. Sento Izusu continues to search for new managers in the hope of providing a future at the amusement park. He then meets Kanie Seiya, the young man who will become manager of Amagi Brilliant Park.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsThe story is nice and interesting with supernatural powers in it. Tells of Kannagi Kazuma who can not Enjutsu, the science that controls fire. After being defeated by Ayano Kannagi, he was eventually expelled from his family.

Shortly after, he returned as a great Fuujutsu, controlling the wind. But a murder incident occurred and Fuujutsu users were the suspects. Kazuma must now prove that he is innocent.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsIt’s incomplete if you do not include this one magic anime in the best magical anime list this time. A lot more points than Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, one of which is having an interesting story.

Ferris and Ryner, two people assigned to search for Legendary Relics, powerful treasures or magic weapons. Because it is very rare and great, these Relics become hunted by powerful warriors, among them are Ferris and Ryner.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsAfter successfully becoming one of the best Winter 2017 anime with an 8+ rating, it’s very deserved this anime is recommended for friends. Well since its genrenya strong in Magic Military, then this time Wikitrik highly recommend anime this one.

A blond little girl with blue eyes stood bravely inserted in front of the battle. He was named Tanya Degurechaff, an elite officer in Japan who was reborn as a little girl by a mysterious creature who called himself God.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsThis anime is set in the middle ages with the genre of fantasy magic in it. The main character is a peace-loving wizard. Action in Junketsu no Maria is not too prominent but still exciting to watch. One of the advantages of this anime is the happy ending that touches.

Mary, a wizard who does not like warfare and does everything to stop war between countries or Kingdoms around the world. This makes the sky side represented by Angel Michaela wrathful to her because it is considered to disturb the human destiny.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsThere are not many commentaries for this one magic anime, it is really recommended for you who are looking for anime with genre magic.

It tells about the heroic actions of heroes in protecting the earth from Vertex, a mysterious strange creature that is predicted to come from another world. The hero is a junior high school student with a mobile device that transforms them. The anime is a bit similar to Mahou Shoujo Madoka ★ Magica.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsThis anime tells about zombies. “Zombie? It’s horrible, it must be gore acute “No, although there is a Zombie cut in the title, but if examined again not too spooky. In fact in this anime comedy cap five star, very funny. Not only that, the genre of magic in this anime is very strong.

Aikawa Ayumu, a miserable young man killed by a mysterious serial killer. It was later revived by Eucliwood Hellscythe, the powerful strong Necromancer. Ayumu then lives as a zombie and becomes a bodyguard and a member of Eucliwood. The good news is that Ayumu can find out who the killer is and the revenge.


16 Best Anime Magic RecommendationsWell this top recommendation genre magic is really strong because it tells of magic and witch. There is not a single word “Magic” missed in hundreds of episodes. The advantages of this anime is in the story and action, which are both interesting and exciting to watch. This anime is the same as One Piece and Naruto, even some of the animelovers say better.

Focus on a teenager named Natsu Dragneel who is adventuring in search of his adoptive father Igneel. In his quest, he joins a wizarding guild to find a job while looking for his father Igneel along with his friends Lucy, Gray, Erza and Happy. This story is the adventure of their member Fairy Tail to seek the purpose of life as a witch.

Points more than anime magic does not always exist in action or scenes exciting in it, surely the ends we must see whether or not good story. But just calm down, the above recommendation is anime with an interesting story.

If you still have anime that you think is worth entering the list, please comment below for updates and recommended for friends. So see you in the next anime genre discussion, thanks and see you again minna-san!