MiFlash Get Error “system cannot find flash all except storage.bat”

By | 25/12/2017

MiFlash Get Error “system cannot find flash all except storage.bat”

Tired of downloading rom Xiaomi Redmi, but when will do flashing even error. Obviously this makes you upset, but Wikitrik has summarized various methods to solve this problem.

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when you do Flash on Xiaomi, errors like this are very frequent and caused many things ranging from unfavorable connections, to file errors prepared for execution.

Here are some quick methods to resolve the issue:

1. Make sure the Driver is installed correctly.
2. Make sure you use USB cable with good quality.
3. Make sure the Files are prepared according to the type of HP to be executed
4. If the 3 ways above still remain no change, Try Restart back Laptop / Pc while menakan F8 key repeatedly on kyboard laptop / PC. Select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement (6) Re-correction on MiFlash, usually Flash all except storage not selected (in Figure 2 red circle)
5. Try to change the flash option, “Flash All”, “Flash All Except Storage”, Flash All Except Data And Storege “.
6. May be you connecting device to usb 3.0, try with another usb 2.0 port or pc which has usb 2.0 ports.

The above method we already practice and succeed, In the process we use windows 7. For other windows-windows we have never tried it.