What Is a Black Hole

By | 08/12/2017

What is a black hole?

What Is a Black Hole

Now we will discuss a pretty serious question. For you who since childhood love the science world must have heard the term Balck Hole. Called the Black Hole, because the Black Hole does not emit light and even absorb light so that a black ball is seen floating in space. However, the floating object is detected to have a high gravitational force equivalent to the star’s gravitational force.

the wikitrik admin will explain the Black Hole based on my understanding of the black hole. In order for you to understand the concept of Black Hole, I will explain about the concept of Gravity, Material and Energy.

The force of gravity arising from the masses present in matter and matter is the objeck that fills space. If an object the size of a basketball is in the earth, and it has the same mass as the sun’s mass then this earth will be sucked and fill the surface of the object.

Energy is a force that arises from inter-material and anti-matter reactions. if a material meets with anti matter then the resulting is Energy and new Material. For example, gunpowder (Material) is in contact with Calor (Anti Matter) then what happens is that the munition will burn into Energy and Gas material.

What Is a Black Hole

Gravity and Energy equally produce the same force. the difference is that Gravity has a force direction that attracts or ties between material. While Energy has a force direction that makes matter dispersed or away.

If you read about the Black Hole from wikipedia, it is explained that the Black Hole was born from a dead star. Called the Star died because it does not produce Energy anymore, this is because the composition of matter and anti-material is not balanced to produce energy.

The direction of energy forces against the direction of gravity