Best List of PC Cases Gamer Mini ITX Tower

By | 10/01/2018

Best List of PC Cases Mini ITX Tower

Xigmatek Nebula Mini-ITX

Small Case for Nebula computer with maximum design of Mini ITX made by Xigmatek. The design of this case is interesting. Usually large motherboards are installed in vertical case towers to avoid taking place. Case Nebula install mini iTX board at the bottom, then other components can be mounted on the board.

Because the ITX Mini motherboard design is small enough, the body of the case can follow the size of the board. The design of the Nebula case becomes mini-cube. The bottom is available only 2 PCIe slots for VGA. On top of it there is only one power supply place and one 120mm fan size. All sides of the case are closed, only the back and bottom are provided where ventilation.

Product Name: Nebula
Dimension: (L) 260x (H) 330x (W) 260mm
Drive: Bay 3.5″ Internal x 2 (tool-free retainers) or 2.5” Internal x 2
Expansion Slot: 2 slots
Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX
Power Supply Standard: P/S2(ATX) or EPS
Cooling System Rear fan: Preinstalled one 1200 RPM 120mm silent Xigmatek XOF black bladed fan
I/O Panel: USB 3.0 x 2 and HD Audio in/out jacks
Max Graphic card: Length 200mm
Max CPU Cooler Hight: 80mm

Lian Li Mini Q Case

Lian Li Mini Q Case

Lian Li is one of the most recognisable names in the PC component market, making award-winning chassis products that are much-loved by the system building community for their precision engineering and use of high-quality aluminium construction. This attention to detail and high-quality build materials has left Lian Li to be known as a premium brand, and of course, with premium prices. Naturally, that’s not a bad thing, as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for.”

Their latest premium grade chassis, the compact and cube-like PC-Q34 mini-ITX tower is in the eTeknix office today, offering up more lovely and rather colourful aluminium panels, and hopefully the same premium quality and design that we’ve come to know and love about the Lian Li brand.

QDIY PC-AL09 MicroATX / Mini-ITX


Jonsbo Mini- ITX V3

Jonsbo Mini- ITX V3

Jonsbo is one of the leading casing manufacturers in China, one of their hallmarks is the use of aluminum material in their casing. This time Jonsbo sends one of their casing products to the Wikitrik lab, Jonsbo V3. The casing is a Mini-ITX case that can load an ATX PSU, and has support to Micro ATX. If we provide information that the weight of this case, NET / Gross Weight: 1.2KG / 1.6KG (taken from the official Jonsbo website: Link) is it likely to add to your curiosity and interest? Let’s look at our article below!

Model: V3 + (Black)
Dimension: 200 mm (W) x 240 mm (H) x 210 mm (D)
Material: 1.5mm Aluminum
Motherboard: ITX (170 * 170mm), MATX (170 * 190mm, 170 * 210mm)
Power Supply: PSII
Drive Bay: 1 x 3.5 “+ 1 x 2.5″ or 2 x 2.5 ”
Front I / O Port: USB3.0 x 1, USB2.0 x 1, Audio x 1, MIC x 1
Expansion Slot: 2
Cooling System: 4 x 40mm (not built-in)
NET / Gross Weight: 1.2KG / 1.6KG