How to get a property buyer for a professional broker
Selling property as a professional broker is very pleasant for some people and some consider selling property as a difficult job.

Those who consider being a professional broker are very pleasant because this profession promises unlimited income and very flexible work time.

And for those who perceive the professional property broker profession as a difficult job because it relates to the nature of the property that is not liquid so it requires certain art and effort to sell it.

It takes time and patience to sell property at the desired price.

But by knowing where we can get buyers, it will feel a little easy to sell property, here are some sources of buyers that you can get:

Family, Friends and Friends from Friends
The source of the buyer from the family is a very potential buyer because the families of course believe in us to get the property they desire.

Other sources of buyers are our friends, starting from friends from kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school or fellow lectures.

Therefore, it is important for us to introduce ourselves to the profession now to friends who have not met for a long time. So they will remember us if they need property.

Don’t forget to give a business card when meeting them so that they can easily refer you to their friends if their friends need property.

Readers of Advertisements in Newspapers, Property Magazines and others
It is still like the old days that most people if they are looking for a house to buy, they look for it through related newspapers or magazines. The challenge for us advertisers is how to make the ads that we put attract the attention of readers.

There is no harm in advertising we add bombastic words so that the ads that we make are different from similar advertisements, such as For Sale Quickly Need Money, Fast Sale for Moving Abroad, Sold Fast For Sharing Waris, Fast Sold Must Be Sold This Month, Fast sale to pay debts, and others.

Some newspapers also provide a way to distinguish an ad from other ads. Like the color of the writing that is distinguished, plus the color in the ad background. Indeed, to get these facilities, advertising media install certain rates. But the effect on the reader response is also very good.

Property Seekers on the Internet
As technology develops and the internet becomes increasingly familiar to everyone, human closeness to the internet cannot be avoided anymore. Internet access is getting easier, affordable and the availability of supporting facilities adds to human intimacy with the internet in the modern century.

No exception in the matter of looking for property, property buyers very easily choose the property they want, even when on the road with smartphones, notebooks or laptops that provide internet access.

Our work is as a property broker to make advertisements as eye-catching as possible so as to attract buyers.

Advertising on the internet can be done in various ways, including by registering on sites that provide property buying and selling services or we can create our own websites.

By creating a private website like Asriman.Com, we can more freely list our ads, it’s just that additional effort is needed to make it easier for internet users to find our website.

As much as possible we master the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skill or we can also hire someone to do it, for a certain amount of course. The point is how to get our website on page one on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Because it has become a natural law that if someone searches on the internet then they only visit the search results on page one and even then the tendency just sees the results that appear in the order of one to the top three.

If they don’t find what they are looking for with a keyword in the top three, then they usually search with other keywords.

For those of you who have a special allocation of funds can also use paid advertising from Google or other advertising provider sites.

Forums and Mailing Lists
Selling property can also be by listing advertisements in discussion forums that have many members, such as Kaskus, the Property Business Yukist mailing list and others.