Quoted by DETIK.COM, As a newly released smartphone, of course, attention is focused on the trio of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Not only the advantages discussed, the shortcomings became gossip.

Gadget observer Lucky Sebastian praised the speed of the A13 Bionic processor and camera upgrade as an advantage of the trio of the iPhone 11. And according to him, there is a line connecting the camera features with the capabilities of the A13 Bionic processor used.

"If the processor speed is indeed he always excels. But only yesterday he compared it with other processors (used by Android). Previously he always compared with the previous iPhone series processor, his own," Lucky said, contacted on Tuesday (17 / 9/2019).

According to Lucky, Apple deliberately compared the A13 Bionic with other processors used by Android smartphones, as part of a new strategy in the global market.

"We know that he is no longer the number 2 position in the global market, his growth has fallen considerably. So this time (A13 Bionic) he compares with Kirin, Snapdragon, this new strategy shows the superiority of the processor in my opinion," he said.

In addition to the processor, another advantage of the iPhone mentioned Lucky is the upgrade on the camera. Although many Apple sneered late using a combination of three cameras, this ability remains an attraction, especially among iPhone users who intend to upgrade.

"It's quite interesting at least from the side of the camera. Because when compared to Android, the iPhone's camera is not bad either, but it's lagging behind Android's technology. The iPhone 11 is chasing it so the gap isn't too far away," Lucky said

Speaking of its shortcomings, Lucky regretted the lack of 5G network support on the iPhone 11. Indeed, 5G has just been prepared in a number of countries. But according to him, Apple should be prepared for it.

"Yes, indeed 5G is not yet, only in a number of countries. But consumers always want new technology. Flagship Android currently has a lot of 5G," he said.

The trouble is, according to Lucky, the upgrade cycle for iPhone users is currently longer. They are likely to replace their iPhone to the latest version after 3 years.

"In the past, there was a new iPhone they immediately replaced. The upgrade cycle was fast. Now maybe about 3 years they will upgrade. If (iPhone 11) has not 5G, people will consider not to miss later when 5G is available," he explained.

The availability of internal memory options with 64GB of storage is another unfortunate thing. Spacious storage is increasingly needed, so that today's smartphones that are very greedy capacity can still feel roomy and support the smooth running of all activities.

Apple still provides 64 GB of storage capacity. According to Lucky, today's smartphones are very greedy capacity with the ability of the camera that can produce high-quality photos and videos that will take up capacity.

"This is somewhat the opposite, so on one side of the iPhone 11 the trend is towards video content, but on the other hand it is unfortunate that the data speed of 5G does not exist and to accommodate that I think 64 GB will quickly run out," he said.

But Lucky suspects, this is also part of Apple's strategy to gradually make people move from 64 GB storage capacity to a larger one.

"So he (Apple) still uses 64 GB, so that later people will feel less, then move to 128 GB or jump directly to 256 GB. So this will be better, I think this is a strategy too," he concluded.