Simple Way to Display Number of FPS On Android Rooted Screen

Simple Way to Display Number of FPS On Android Rooted Screen. Hi gaes, well this time Wikitrik want to share tutorial how to know number of FPS (Fame Per Scond) display on your android screen guys. Certainly my friend already what the FPS is. Its not First Person Shooter Lol. if you do not know you… Read More »

Short Story Of Anime Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto name may be familiar to you japan anime lovers of this. Naruto is a cartoon character in the Naruto movie made by Masashi Khisimoto. And he is also one of the famous manga comic writers whose work is no doubt no doubt. Still about Naruto, Naruto first aired on TV Tokyo and then famous… Read More »

PC Tablet With Slider And Kick Stand Design

Sony VAIO Duo 11 & 13 Sony is one of Japan’s leading companies in the field of technology. Through the cold hands of designers and technological engineers, Sony became the king in the global marketplace. Ultrabook, laptops, cameras, and various other types of electronic devices have been launched Sony. This time, we will see the… Read More »

MiFlash Get Error “system cannot find flash all except storage.bat”

MiFlash Get Error “system cannot find flash all except storage.bat” Tired of downloading rom Xiaomi Redmi, but when will do flashing even error. Obviously this makes you upset, but Wikitrik has summarized various methods to solve this problem. when you do Flash on Xiaomi, errors like this are very frequent and caused many things ranging… Read More »

Best Anime 2017

Best anime 2017 By 2017 we have seen dozens and even hundreds of cool anime from various genres. Starting from fantasy anime like Little Witch Academia, romance comedy anime like Eromanga-sensei to psychological anime like Kakegurui. There is also a sequel of popular anime that took part in the show. From Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto… Read More »

What Is a Black Hole

What is a black hole? Now we will discuss a pretty serious question. For you who since childhood love the science world must have heard the term Balck Hole. Called the Black Hole, because the Black Hole does not emit light and even absorb light so that a black ball is seen floating in space.… Read More »